Strona główna

- It was a remarkably needed and fruitful meeting - agreed representatives of the fourteen Universities affiliated to the Consortium Progress 3, who met on February 24, at the Opole University of Technology.

Fourteen, because the Consortium Progress 3, associating Universities of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, has expanded by welcoming the new member - The Academy of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

The main theme behind the meeting was the possibility of reaching the Horizon 2020’s EU funds. One of the guests who attended the meeting was Ms. Karina Bedrunka, Director of the Operational Programmes Department in Self- Government of the Opole Voivodeship, who emphasized the importance of the current Progres 3 membership in terms of universities’ future activities in the coming years.

The meeting took a form of brainstorming. The Representatives of universities presented their key research areas and then worked together on creation the joint planes actions.

- This is an introduction for forming the research teams in specific areas that are part of the program Horizon 2020 - explains Prof. Krzysztof Malik, Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Development, Chairman of Consortium PROGRES 3. - Common teamwork will give us the opportunity to reach a big projects.

Participants has stressed the need for such an action. According to Prof. RNDr. Jiří Močkoř, Rector of the University of Ostrava, the Consortium has an advantage over the others, because there is no political or formal base.

- This meeting is very important because after the first phase of getting familiar with the members of the Consortium, now we have to define our goals - added Prof. Ivo Vondrák, Rector of Vysoká Školy Banská - Technical University of Ostrava.

Prof. Piotr Wieczorek, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Opole University, noted that by creating the Consortium in 2011, universities have implemented an overtaking step, because in the current EU programming the emphasis lies on larger consortia, not on independent research projects. Platform Consortium Progress 3 may enable universities to apply for large international projects.

The Consortium meeting, which took place at the Opole University of Technology, stands for a great satisfaction for the University’s Rector, Prof. Marek Tukiendorf, who – as a host - also participated in the deliberations.